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Chris Landbeck

Assistant Director for Experiential Learning

(850) 645-8694
LSB 008
I am the Assistant Director of Experiential Learning and an Adjunct Professor at Florida State University's School of Information. My research interests center on discovering how to best provide access to political cartoons in specific, and to all images in general. I have taught 13 large undergraduate classes, several small ones both graduate and undergraduate, and have supervised over 140 students in their internships. I am also the head administrator of the School's iMakerSpace and Collaboratory, an effort to provide students a place to learn through experimentation, failure, and triumph. I have served on several committees, as a SIG chair, and as a Board member for ASIS&T, and am co-chair of the School's Development, Research, and Outreach Committee. .

Publications & Research

Dissertation Landbeck, C. (2013). The description and indexing of editorial cartoons: An exploratory study (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from Book Chapter – Refereed Landbeck, C. (2012). Access to editorial cartoons: The state of the art. In Indexing and retrieval of non-text information. Germany: De Gruyter Saur. Proceedings – Refereed Landbeck, C. (2008). Issues in subject analysis and description of political cartoons. In Lussky, J. (Ed). Proceedings 19th Workshop of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Special Interest Group in Classification Research, Columbus, Ohio. Journal article – invited Landbeck, C. (2007). Trouble in Paradise: Conflict management and resolution in social classification environments. Bulletin of the American Society of Information Science and Technology, 34(1), 16-20.