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Joseph Veretto


I began my studies at Tallahassee Community College in 2010. Upon graduation  from TCC with my AA I transferred to the University of West Florida (UWF). At UWF I studied adult education in CTE and IT services management. I graduated with B.Sc. in Workforce and Program Development, a certification in IT services management, and a certification in adult education. After completing my studies at UWF I transferred to FSU where I completed a Masters degree in Information Technology with a concentrated study in web development. In 2006 I completed a course of study through Cornell University's online program, eCornell, leading to a certification in human resources studies.  

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in exploring information potentiality as a product or factor of cultural and linguistic signification. Information potentiality, as described herein, refers to one’s potential to manufacture new information, ideas, and innovations. Additionally, I am interested in understanding how information potentiality affects information meaningfulness and influences the effective interpretation of cross-cultural boundary objects, especially those boundary objects transmitted and consumed via electronic means. Finally, I am interested in exploring the hypothetical relationship between Burnett’s 3-Part Framework on Information Worlds and Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems of Cognitive Development Model and understanding how such a relationship may be used to assess one’s potential to develop, construct, and manufacture new information, ideas, and innovations.

Teaching Interests

I am interested in teaching web design, databases, unix/linux, and information retrieval practices.