CCI Communication Team

The Communication Team operates as the internal marketing and communication board for the College of Communication & Information. In addition to coordinating communication between the schools of CCI, it is responsible for the majority of print and digital media that comes out of the college. It also acts to promote and document upcoming events, ceremonies, and opportunities. If you have a relevant project for us, feel free to contact Ebe Randeree.



Ebe Randeree
Director of Communication, College of Communication & Information

Ebe Randeree is the Associate Dean at the College of Communication & Information at Florida State University. His duties include Finance, Internships/Outreach, and Communication.

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Betsy Crawford

Development Coordinator

Betsy is the Development Coordinator at the College of Communication & Information. Her duties include fostering alumni relations and graduate recruitment.

Kate Mullen

Digital Media Specialist

Kate serves as the in-house writer, designer, and caffeine fiend for the College of Communication and Information.

Roger Batlle

Webmaster / Videographer

Roger is the Webmaster/Videographer for the College of Communication & Information. He works with faculty, staff, and students to support and advance the many websites the college hosts and creates all the video content for CCI social media.

Alvaro G. Gabaldon

Communications Graduate Assistant

Alvaro is a graduate student in the Integrated Marketing Communications program writing, designing, and producing content for the College of Communications and Information.