CCI Communication Team

The CCI Communication Team operates as the internal marketing and communication team for the College of Communication & Information. It is responsible for the majority of print, digital and social media that comes out of the college. We also promote and document upcoming events, ceremonies, and student opportunities.


Roger Batlle

Webmaster / Videographer

Roger is the Webmaster / Videographer for CCI. He works with faculty, staff and students to support College sites and creates video content.

Kate Blosser

Digital Media Specialist

Kate serves as the in-house writer, graphic designer, and photographer for the College.

Betsy Crawford

Development Coordinator

Betsy is the Development Coordinator at the College of Communication & Information. Her duties include fostering alumni relations and graduate recruitment.

Ebe Randeree

Director of Communication

Ebe Randeree is the Associate Dean at the College of Communication & Information at Florida State University. His duties include Finance, Internships/Outreach, and Communication.

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