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Christie Koontz

Adjunct Professor / Graduate Internship Coordinator

Dr. Koontz, contributes to the recruitment of CCI SLIS master's students, and serves as director of GeoLib. Koontz pioneered the critical need to understand the spatial customer markets of individual libraries. In a decade of research projects, she collected data which describe diverse populations and how they use a single library, with a goal to optimize collection development and service delivery at a single library. Koontz' research is the basis of the U.S. Public Library Geographic Database ( The database includes relevant US census data and library use data from 16,000 communities. Koontz teaches and conducts marketing activities for the College, Koontz serves on committees of state, national and international library and information organizations and has won numerous awards for her research. She is faculty advisor for the ALA Student Chapter, winning Best in the Nation in 2012. She also teaches a unique interactive online storytelling course each summer, in addition to serving as graduate internship advisor for non-school media.