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Kaitlin Lansford

Assistant Professor

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  • University of Arizona, B.S., 1999
  • Arizona State University, M.S., 2004
  • Arizona State University, Ph.D., 2012

Research Interests

Motor Speech Disorders: Motor-Speech Disorders; Disordered and Degraded Speech Perception; Perceptual Learning; Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Teaching Interests

Motor speech disorders, research evaluation

Publications & Research

  • Utianski, R., Lansford, K.L., Liss, J.M., & Azuma, T. (2011). The effects of topic knowledge on intelligibility and lexical segmentation of hypokinetic and ataxic dysarthria. Journal of Medical Speech Language Pathology, 19(4), 25-36.
*Publications marked with an asterisk are based on research conducted by graduate students under my sole or joint supervision.

Grants & Awards

  • Extramural Awards
  • Lansford, K.L. (Principal Investigator). "Use of crowdsourcing to assess the ecological validity of perceptual learning paradigms in dysarthria." ASHFoundation, New Century Scholars Research Grant. Awarded: November, 2014. Amount $10,000
  • Lansford, K.L. (Principal Investigator). “Perceptual similarity in dysarthria and the implications for learning.” ASHFoundation, Speech Science Research Grant supported by the Dennis Klatt Memorial Fund. Awarded: November, 2012. Amount: $5,000
  • Lansford, K.L. (Principal Investigator; Sponsored by J. Liss). “Framework for a perceptual taxonomy of dysarthric speech.” National Institute of Health, National Institute on Deafness & other Communication Disorders 1F31 DC010093. Award period: May 1, 2011-April 30, 2012. Amount: $30,690.
  • Intramural Awards
  • Lansford, K.L. (Principal Investigator). “Perceptual consequences of similar-sounding speakers with dysarthria.” Committee on Faculty Research Support, Council on Research & Creativity, Florida State University. Project duration: May 2014-August 2014. Amount: $14,000.
  • Lansford, K.L. (Principal Investigator). “Perceptual similarity in dysarthria.” First-Year Assistant Professor award, Council on Research & Creativity, Florida State University. Project duration: May 2013-August 2013. Amount: $20,000.