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Lynne C. Hinnant, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

LSB 242-B

Lynne Hinnant  has worked as an hotelier, an ESL and music educator, as well as a conflict management consultant to government agencies at the federal, state and local levels, in addition to her professional experience as an adjunct faculty member for the Public Administration Department at the Maxwell School.   At the School of Information - Florida's iSchool - within the College of Communication and Information (CCI), Dr. Hinnant teaches the required core course LIS5408: Management of Information Organizations, as well as LIS5442: Information Leadership and LIS5788: Management of Health Information Technology.   Her primary areas of research are in public and conflict management, civil society and organizational behavior, as well as normative social theory. She has specific academic interests in issues of trust, as well as conducting social science experiments. Her dissertation entitled: "The Trust Experience from the Truster's Perspective: A Theoretical Discussion and Experiment," employed a range of theoretical perspectives, which were used to examine the nature of trust and its impact on organizational relationships; it received a 2008 Syracuse University Doctoral Prize.   Her personal interests include a variety of musical styles and gardening; as a native Central New Yorker, she is continually amazed by what she is able to grow outside in the Tallahassee climate.


  • B.A. from Alfred University
  • MPA and Ph.D. from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University

Research Interests

Public and Conflict Management; Civil Society and Organizational Behavior; Normative Social Theory