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Kristie Escobar

Graduate Teaching Assistance/PhD Student

Hello There!  My name is Kristie Escobar and I am a PhD student at Florida State University's College of Information.  I have always loved books my entire life and I am a huge fan of Young Adult Literature.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I could make a career out of this passion as anything other than an author.

Did you know that Young Adult literature has the power to plant the seeds of social change?  Books allow readers to search for information and answers to questions that they may be too embarrassed to ask face to face.  Books also allow us to live thousands of lives, placing us in the minds and hearts of a multitude of different races, ethnicities, religions, and sexual identities.  I am not just talking about the "good books" that receive awards, I am also talking about those that are put out by those who are self-published.  Let's discover these new authors together, shall we?
How better to change the world than by striving to better understand what it means to be human?  This is why my blog exists; to turn you on to lives you never knew existed and to leave you with a deeper compassion and empathy for your race:  HUMAN.


Professional Preparation THE Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL Doctoral Student, The Florida State University iSchool Areas of Concentration: Information Organization, Information Needs of Young Adults, Older Adults and Information Technology, Intellectual Access, Research Methods and Analysis, Information/Sociological Theory Spring 2020 Master’s Candidate, Master of Library and Information Science Areas of Concentration: Information Needs of Various Ages and Demographics, Management, Public Policy Spring 2017 Certification in Youth Services Librarianship Areas of Concentration: Information Needs of Young Adults, Graphic Novels, Information Needs of Children, International/Multicultural Children’s and Young Adult Literature Spring 2017 TIFFIN UNIVERSITY, TIFFIN, OH Master of Humanities with a Concentration in English Areas of Concentration: British Literature, Literature of Modernity, Humanities, Pedagogical Theory, and Theory of Aesthetics                                                                                                                                                                  2014   THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, GAINESVILLE, FL B.A. in Linguistics, Minor in English                                                                                                  1996 Areas of Concentration: Linguistics, Speech Pathology, Grammar, English

Research Interests

Information Needs of Young Adults, Older Adults and IT, Information Needs of Student Veterans

Publications & Research

Escobar, KL & Escobar, E. (Feb. 4-6 2016) Cathartic Metamorphosis: Veteran faculty as mentors for student veterans within majors and departments. Poster presented at the NASPA Symposium for Military Connected Students, Orlando, Florida (National).