Maedeh Agharazidermani profile picture CCI FSU Tallahassee FL

Maedeh Agharazidermani

Teacher Assistant

LSB 008

I have a background both in education and IT. I Started this program to increase my data analysis knowledge and skills. So far I have worked on some data mining project related to data cancer. I also started working with Dr. Rankin on analysis of qualitative data. The data have been collected from interviews with 34 African- American women who work in computing. I am also interested in data-driven decision-making systems.

I have been TA for these courses so far:

LIS 5203 Assessing Information Needs
LIS 4708 Perspective on Information Technology
LIS 5703 Information Organization
LIS 3037 Empowering Health Consumers in the eHealth Era
EDF 2082 Schooling and Development in the Third World


Doctoral student, Ph.D. of Information. Florida State University, Tallahassee.
M.A. Sociocultural and International Development Education Studies. Florida State University, Tallahassee.
M.A. Master of Multimedia (Major, E-learning Technologies). Multimedia University, Malaysia.
B.S. Information System Engineering, Multimedia University, Malaysia.

Research Interests

Data analytics, Decision making systems, Information behavior,